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How We Work

Gallery in London
Gallery in London
Established in 2018, Carat Gala is a renowned jeweler located in the heart of London. We specialize in crafting and retailing exquisite moissanite and lab-grown diamond jewelry, with a commitment to quality and innovation.

State-of-the-Art Production in Hong Kong

Our advanced factories in Hong Kong are home to over 200 highly skilled craftsmen. These experts meticulously cut and polish each precious stone, unlocking the full brilliance of every gem. At Carat Gala, we are dedicated to fostering local talent, contributing positively to our communities, and ensuring fair wages for our employees. As of December 2022, women, meticulously chosen from the local community, represent an impressive 64% of our workforce in Hong Kong. Moreover, our ethical sourcing of polished bred diamonds strictly adheres to traceability, quality standards, and robust social and environmental responsibilities.

Meet Cheng: A Story of Empowerment

I am pleased to introduce Cheng, a valued member of the Carat Gala team. Cheng earns a salary significantly higher than the local minimum wage. Her employment at Carat Gala has been instrumental in financially supporting her younger brother's university education.

"I come from a modest rural background and have experienced a life-changing journey," Cheng shares. "My goal is to improve my family's quality of life and pursue a career that reflects the fulfillment I experience in my work."

Our Broader Commitment
At Carat Gala, our dedication goes beyond crafting exceptional jewelry. We are committed to positively impacting lives and communities. Every purchase at Carat Gala is more than just an acquisition of a product; it's a contribution to a greater cause. Each piece of jewelry from Carat Gala tells a story of superior craftsmanship, empowerment, and enduring happiness.